What to Expect When You’re Going to Court

For most people, getting charged with a crime and having to go to court is a very frightening experience.  You may be asking yourself these questions:

  • Will there be a lot of people there?
  • Will I get taken to jail?
  • If I hire a lawyer, can they go to court for me?
  • How should I dress?
  • How long will it take?

Hiring a lawyer can help to alleviate the stress and uncertainty of going to court.  I’m often told after my very first meeting or telephone call with a prospective client that they are feeling a lot more at ease.  A lawyer probably won’t be able to completely erase any anxiety that you may be feeling about going to court.  But, I can at least tell you what to expect when you get there.

A good lawyer should not just know the law and be able to defend you.  A good lawyer should also take the time to help you through this process and be there for you when you have questions or concerns.