Lifetime Driver’s License Revocation – OWI 4th

As of April of 2018 the State of Wisconsin has dramatically increased the penalty for a 4th offense Operating While Intoxicated conviction and subsequent convictions.  A conviction for OWI 4th offense and above now carries a lifetime driver’s license revocation.  In addition, you may not even apply for an occupational license until 10 years have passed.  For individuals residing in rural areas and smaller cities and towns in Wisconsin, this will make it challenging or even impossible to get to work unless you are within walking or bicycle riding distance.  This new law takes effect in December of 2018.

The question now becomes, will this new law deter repeat OWI offenders?  Or, will this new law simply create more charges or tickets for Operating While Revoked or Operating Without a License?  Will people decide that they still need to be able to drive to work, so they’ll risk getting stopped for driving without a license?